18+ games are not suitable for playing in front of many people

   There are too many scenes of violence and sex, these scenes are not suitable for you to show and play in front of people.

1. Mortal Kombat

   The recent MK X part, it is undeniable that the graphics have played a very important role in making the game even more bloody, and it is thanks to this factor that the new MK becomes so fun and interesting. .
   Even though it is the worst part of the series, but with a very "crazy" fighting mechanism, unique characters, and especially the "fatality" finishing mechanism, has helped MK become easy to play, familiar, and attractive. gamer.
   With the introduction of 2 new characters, Kung Lao and Noob Saibot in part 9, we can see that the MK series has been more confident in adding elements of violence and gore that look much more gruesome than other characters. previous part. Make sure parents watch just one game and break your disc.
2. Soul Calibur

   Soul Calibur has no shortage of voluptuous female gladiators with oversized breasts, and in gaming history it's famous for that. While the male character has only "shoulders five feet wide, body ten feet tall." , six-pack abs, massive muscles, female characters like Iby and Taki with oversized breasts are the factors that attract gamers. And it is also because of this absurd factor that SoulCalibur is not in the same line with other "heavy" fighting games.
3. Dead Or Alive

   Referring to Dead or Alive is referring to the female characters in costumes that can't be cooler, and especially the breasts are also very large with physical effects that look very funny and equally erotic. suggestive. It is also the most profitable thing of this game series. It's not an exaggeration to say that this is a fighting game bought just to watch, not fight at this level anymore.
That's why this series is the dream of many male friends, causing them to spend money to buy every time a new part comes out. The more the later parts, the more daring the game in character design. Of course, because it's too sexy to be necessary, it's not like your parents will see you as being "on the plate".
4. Dead Rising 

   When Dead Rising just appeared, this game has made a deep impression in the minds of gamers with the image of a young man fighting bloodthirsty zombies with all kinds of weapons that this guy can make.
   Like the movies in the B-movie genre, the game emphasizes violence, shocking gore and at the same time combines with humorous elements that make this game shine on the Xbox 360.
   In it, the scene of the boss fight with the brutal clown, with both hands rotating the wood saws, left a strong impression in the last scene. Having just been ripped from the chest by the chainsaw, this clown opened his mouth to laugh in a ghostly way. This implies that this boss loves to be… dissected, to the point where the main character Frank has to cover his mouth in horror.
   Gore and violence in the game is not new, but Dead Rising is it on a whole new level.