6 interesting and useful features on Oppo A15

   These are the features you should definitely know when using Oppo A15 phone. It will help you a lot in the process of using it.
In order to make it more convenient for users to use, the manufacturer Oppo also integrates some very interesting features that you may not find on the device. If you have Oppo A15 on hand, please try the following features now.
1. OPPO A15 installs smart assistant shadow

   The assist ball function of Oppo A15 is a multi-tasking tool that can help you operate quickly while using it. It is similar to the virtual home button on the iPhone. You can quickly and easily use screen capture, multitasking, lock screen and other functions
   In order to make the assistant shadow appear on the Oppo A15, the user enters the settings -> slide to select the utility -> select the assistant ball to turn on the blue mode.
2. Screen dark mode and soothing eyes

   To help your phone save battery life and protect your eyes, Oppo A15 is equipped with dark mode and eye protection mode.    When using these two modes, the phone interface can be turned into monochrome black, thereby enhancing the night use experience and effectively saving power.
   To set these two modes, go to "Settings"> "Go to Display and Brightness" and select "Turn on Dark Mode" and "Soothe Eyes". Please note that both functions can customize the on/off time.
3. Smart gestures

   Another very smart and practical feature specially equipped for OPPO A15 is smart gestures when the screen is turned off. With this feature, users can use drawing gestures to open the camera or flashlight application, slide up the screenshot with three fingers, double-tap to light up the screen, and so on.
How to turn on this feature: Go to Settings -> Gestures and Operations in the Utility section, then select Gestures when the screen is off and open all items as needed.
4. Google Assistant

   The Google Assistant feature is a virtual assistant created by Google that helps you find things through conversations with it.
To open Google Assistant, you first need to start it by going to Settings> Select Utilities -> Use the power button to turn on and wake up Google Assistant. Then you only need to press and hold the power button of the phone for about 1.5 seconds to communicate with this virtual assistant.
5. Split screen function

   On OPPO A15, there is a split screen function that can help you split the phone screen in two, and you can use 2 different applications at the same time without switching back and forth. However, in some applications (such as Shopee or Lazada), split screens are not allowed
   To enable the split screen function, please go to Settings -> Select Split Screen -> Drag to turn on the split screen button> Use three-finger drag to turn on the up slide button to turn on the split screen mode. Then when the user opens a file, he can slide 3 fingers from the bottom to split the screen, and then open the second application to use it. The user can adjust the split screen bar to match the size of the two screens.
6. Power saving mode

   Although the battery capacity of the Oppo A15 mobile phone is large, it is still not superfluous to save the battery of the mobile phone. So the device also has a power saving mode, which can help you use the device longer when the battery power is below 20%.