7 tech trends you should invest in this year

   If you were born in the previous decades, you have had the opportunity to witness some of the most important technological advancements and trends in human history from the rise of social robots and personal assistants. to Amazon Prime's one-day delivery service, and the popularity of voice search.
1. Mobile Commerce
   Mobile commerce has been in our lives for a while. People are used to shopping on their phones through intuitive apps and mobile-friendly websites, but the ability to pay for products in physical stores with Apple Pay and Google Wallet is set to change our world.
2. 5G . Network
   Perhaps you've already started using 5G WiFi, a fast internet connection from a mobile network. You can expect more of this in the future.
   While there have been some seemingly unfounded concerns about what 5G can do to our bodies, this wave is continuing. The increased bandwidth will provide faster internet speeds with a simpler setup process.

3. Prescriptive Analytics
   Suggestive analytics has been a holy grail ever since data analytics products began to proliferate. To date, analytical tools have mainly focused on both descriptive and predictive applications.
   This means they will allow historical data to be better organized and presented to better understand the changes that have occurred, and the data used to make predictions about events and behavior. vi in ​​the future.
4. AI as a Service
   Combining the SaaS business model with AI services can help bring AI to the masses at a not-so-expensive price point.
While advances in AI are racing in some areas and lagging in others (e.g., speech recognition), there are already a number of AI vendor platforms that offer services such as blockchain. GPU intensive workloads, and Google, Amazon, Microsoft and other large companies have provided machine learning solutions and training materials.
5. Mid-market technology growth
   When we talk about growth or decline in the tech sector, we tend to discuss the biggest tech companies. What is changing is the level of interest being placed on mid-market businesses and their growth potential.
   As investors get to grips with how to own, operate, and invest in emerging tech companies and online businesses, we're starting to see more reports on this mid-market sector and its potential. its capacity.
6. Lag of applications
   Having to find and download apps can be the next problem to deal with for companies confused about the investment they put into apps and the competitive nature of the different app stores.
7. The Fall of Alternative Cryptocurrencies
   The list of changes in the tech industry would not be complete without mentioning cryptocurrencies and blockchain.