7 weirdest and most "harmful" smartphone accessories on earth

   The plus point for these accessories is that they can make you and your smartphone... stand out from the crowd.
Besides the richness and variety of the pieces, the accessories market is also growing. This fact gives the user a wide selection of accessories in a very... unusual style!

1. Hand-shaped case
   The case that you are seeing is attached to a very realistic fake hand and is quite scary. Not only does it make you stand out from the crowd, this accessory is sure to make others "startle" when they see it. Perhaps, it is most suitable for "F.A" people with the same perspective... when the hand holds the hand.

2. Tiger foot screen cleaning accessories
   If you still hate the fingerprints, sweat clinging to the touch screen of your smartphone after a period of use, maybe this screen cleaning accessory will be useful to you. Only thing, it seems that it is not really necessary when users can completely carry a small rag with them to clean the screen both compactly and cleaner.

3. Accessories for duckbill headphones
   Both an accessory for neat headphones, avoiding tangles, and can also act as a stand for the phone, but the accessory you are seeing is still evaluated as one of the redundant accessories. for smartphone users when its applicability is not really necessary.

4. Ear-shaped case
   If the hand-shaped case isn't scary enough, it's time to buy yourself an ear-shaped case like this. With a "tight", bulky and quite sturdy appearance, this case will probably protect your smartphone well, however, when using it, forget about being able to put your phone in your pocket.

5. Phone hug pillow
   Perhaps another product born for people... "F.A", this case has just enough space for you to put your phone in so you can listen to the phone while... hugging a pillow. Even, to be more human, the inside of the pillow is also integrated with a heart rate simulation motor.
   It is known that this is a product of a robot designer and professor at Osaka University named Hiroshi Ishiguro. Yes, Japan... it's virtual!

6. Bra for phone
   From the point of view of men, the author of the article will... hardly have the opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind accessory. However, please allow me to predict, even for women, few people will want to put their phone in the position... bra in most cases

7. The "Like-See-On-TV" Hat
   True to the name of the product, the mission of this accessory is for users to view content on their phone in a new style, with a new experience like watching TV. Despite its quirky design, the hat's plus point is that you can watch videos on your mobile hands-free.