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11-year-old boy attends Samsung shareholders meeting, revealing a surprising number of shares

“I hope that Samsung Electronics will soon become the world’s No. 1, making the stocks I invest in become more and more profitable,” he shared.

As the stock investing boom has exploded in many parts of the world, so has the number of children and young adults investing in the field. In particular, according to statistics, the number of minors’ securities accounts is growing rapidly every year.

According to SBS, on the morning of March 16, Samsung Electronics held its 53rd shareholder meeting at the Suwon Convention Center. Among the roughly 1,600 students and seniors, perhaps the most notable is 11-year-old new shareholder Kim Do-hyun.

The guy caught the reporter’s attention with a surprisingly young face. When asked by reporters how to attend the event, Kim said he was invited.

Kim, currently a fourth-year student, holds 02 shares of Samsung Electronics worth nearly KRW 139,000 (equivalent to VND 2.6 million). “I hope that Samsung Electronics will become the world’s No. 1 soon, so that the stocks I invest in will become more and more profitable,” the child shareholder added.

After a clip of Cash’s interview appeared on SBS, many expressed interest in the young investor. “Although he only holds a small stake, the boy has shown his money-making mentality from an early age,” commented one person.

It is understood that the primary school students participating in this Samsung Electronics shareholders meeting are not only Jin. The event lasted for 3 hours, during which Samsung Electronics announced a record revenue of 280 trillion won.

According to Bloomberg, South Korea’s work culture is undergoing a major change as younger generations of workers are less eager to work in exchange for promotions. Instead, they scrambled to participate in the stock market, hoping to change their lives when they made a profit.

Not only that, but housing prices, especially in Seoul and even South Korea, have been rising in recent years, making it difficult for young Chinese people to buy a house with wages alone. So they invest in stocks, hoping to make enough profit to buy a house and prepare for retirement.

One young woman shared: “In Korea, a 20-something like me has only two ways to get rich: winning the lottery or trading stocks. We will never be rich, we will never buy a house with his salary”.

An October 2020 statistic showed that the number of South Korean stock trading accounts increased by 4.59 million from the end of 2019 to August 2020. Of these, people over the age of 20 have about 2.46 million accounts. Another statistic shows that in the first half of 2020, 30% of trading accounts in the South Korean stock market were held by investors in their 20s, and 26% were held by investors in their 30s.

Many young South Koreans have even borrowed money to invest in stocks, hoping to one day change their lives. Youth unemployment in South Korea has soared as many big companies halted hiring due to the pandemic. “They are facing a job market freeze. Rising real estate prices are also fueling negative sentiment. Against this backdrop, stocks seem to be their only chance to get rich,” said the Suwon University professor.

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