Eat 4 kinds of white food that is delicious but hurts the liver and kidneys every day

In life, there are many delicious and healthy foods, but eating too much is counterproductive. Especially the following four kinds of white food, although eating too much is delicious, but it is also very harmful to the liver and kidney.

Humans are inseparable from food and drink. However, what and how to eat actually have an intangible impact on the safety and health of the human body. No matter how old you are, you should “shut up and eat money”, and don’t create unpleasant feelings on your body just because you eat comfortably.

Here are 4 white foods. They taste delicious and look good, but they are very uncomfortable for the liver and kidneys. Both of these vital organs of the body can be damaged over time.

1. Lard
While lard has a nice smell compared to other vegetable oils, the truth is, you shouldn’t eat too much or too often. Many people claim that lard is better for vascular health than vegetable oil, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

Conversely, eating too much lard can damage blood vessels. Since lard is an animal fat, people with bad blood vessels must learn to say no. Fat is high in fat, and long-term consumption can easily lead to obesity. In addition, if the body consumes too much, fat will accumulate in the body, resulting in fatty liver. So friends who like to eat lard try not to eat too much.

2. Salt
People who are accustomed to eating salty food will feel bored and lose their appetite if all dishes are reduced in salt at the same time due to long-term taste stimulation.

However, it is still necessary to reduce salt, because eating too much salt every day can cause many problems, especially in terms of metabolism and excretion, causing a great burden on the liver and kidneys. So, if you want to cut salt in your daily diet without losing your appetite, you can add more shallots, ginger and garlic for more flavor.

3. Sugar
Eating too much sugar will cause many adverse effects such as obesity and high blood sugar… In addition to white sugar, it is not advisable to eat too many sugary foods and beverages, otherwise it is easy to increase blood sugar. blood, resulting in decreased hunger, followed by loss of appetite, diarrhea and other discomforts.

The human body is very dependent on sweets, and the more you eat it, the harder it is to quit, and you gradually lose interest in other foods. Therefore, it is very important to strictly control the amount of sugar entering the body at all times, and do not develop a bad habit of liking sweets, especially before and after meals and before going to bed. . .

4. Alcohol
Drinking with a partner is inevitable in many people’s jobs. Because the ethanol in alcohol is not metabolized by the liver and kidneys in time, many people feel weak and dizzy immediately after drinking alcohol.

If this goes on for a long time, alcohol can cause damage to all organs of the body. The troubles caused by long-term heavy drinking have the greatest impact on the liver, kidneys and even the liver. Alcohol also contains ethanol. can cause cancer.

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