2 things in the kitchen contain strong carcinogenic toxins, the following 4 warning signs should not be ignored

The liver is the body’s detoxification and metabolism organ. If you don’t take good care of it, your health will be eroded over time.

The liver is a very important organ as it will maintain the activities that take place in the body. But now many people get liver disease at a young age because of the combination of unreasonable diet and daily work and rest. Especially in the kitchen of every household, there are always two things that produce toxins that cause liver cancer. What do you think that is?

Two things in the kitchen contain powerful toxins that cause liver cancer
1. The food has been left for a long time, and it has become moldy.

Of course, your grandparents or parents usually have a frugal mindset and are afraid to throw away food that hasn’t been used in a long time. However, when food shows signs of mold, you need to throw it away immediately. Do not cut off the moldy part according to the habits of adults, and continue to use the rest.

When food is moldy, large amounts of aflatoxin—a carcinogen classified by the World Health Organization as extremely dangerous—are produced. 1. Continued consumption of foods containing aflatoxins can damage health and increase the risk of liver cancer.

2. Moldy kitchen utensils

Most of the cutting boards and chopsticks in many home kitchens are made of wood. If you don’t wash it carefully, there will be food residues over time. Improper storage can cause these items to become damp and moldy.

When you look at a damp, moldy cutting board, you’ll see many white spots of discoloration. This condition indicates that large amounts of bacteria and viruses have accumulated, possibly contaminated with the toxin aflatoxin, which can lead to liver cell damage.

So you don’t regret it when you see your cookware getting damp and moldy, but it needs to be replaced immediately. If it is not replaced in time, it can be washed with salt and hot water, and then dried in the sun. But it’s only temporary, and you’d better change it now.

4 symptoms that warn you of your risk of liver cancer and need immediate medical attention:

– Crimson quill.

– Frequent insomnia.

– The wound takes a long time to heal.

– Or leg cramps.

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