4 cooking habits that cause cancer at home

Many people think that cooking at home is absolutely safe, but there are certain cooking habits that can make your whole family “sick.”

In the process of cooking, many people often develop some bad habits, which inadvertently affect the health of themselves and their families:

1. Continue frying without washing the pan

In many households, there is usually only one frying pan used for frying. In order to avoid trouble, many people have the habit of not washing the pot after finishing one dish, but continuing to cook another dish. However, it is a habit that contains many health risks.

When the pan is not cleaned, the oil and food scraps from the previous dish can continue to be heated to high temperatures, producing a carcinogen called benzopyrene. In addition, this habit also affects the taste and color of the dish. So everyone, put your health first. After preparing a dish, rinse the pan before moving on to another dish.

2. Use used grease

Usually, to make fried dishes, we have to use a lot of cooking oil. Since ham is cheap, many people often save extra oil for later cooking.

However, this is not good for health. Cooking edible oil at high temperature for many times will produce toxic substances such as aldehydes, benzopyrenes, and heterocyclic compounds. These are all substances that are harmful to health and can cause cancer. Therefore, it is best to use the oil only once.

3. Let the oil boil before you start cooking
Some people often wait until the oil is hot, old, and smoking before frying food, thinking that doing so preserves the flavor of the food. However, when the temperature of cooking oil reaches more than 200 degrees Celsius, it is toxic hot smoke, and the nutrients and antioxidants in it are destroyed. At the same time, they also produce peroxides, which are carcinogens.

In addition, fried foods with too much cooking oil have many potential risks to human health, especially cardiovascular health.

4. Over-seasoned dishes

Vietnamese people often have the habit of eating salty food. However, if you consume too much salt, it is easy to increase the blood volume and increase the pressure on the blood vessel wall, which is also one of the reasons for high blood pressure and hardening of the blood vessel wall.

Several studies have also shown a correlation between salt intake and gastric cancer. The reason is that the high osmotic pressure of salt can damage the gastric mucosa and cause many lesions. To limit this, it is necessary to develop the habit of a bland diet. Nutrition experts recommend eating only about 186 milligrams of salt a day for your body to function properly.

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