5 “culprits” that cause female infertility are beyond everyone’s expectations

Female infertility is increasing day by day, which is the most concerned and worrying issue for many families. Causes of infertility are common

1. Excessive exercise

Although proper exercise can bring many benefits to the body, especially for obese women, excessive exercise does more harm than good. Doctors believe that strenuous exercise and physical exertion will affect hormone levels and menstrual cycles, resulting in lower progesterone levels. This will prevent fertilization.

Women who exercise regularly to lose weight usually minimize their calorie intake and have an unbalanced diet. When they exercise too much, it will put pressure on the body and reduce fertility. Reduce the intensity of exercise and listen to your own voice for the best results, not backfire!

2. Stress

There is no clear link between infertility and stress, but many researchers have concluded that anxiety and stress affect the ability to conceive. Women are more susceptible to stress than men. Many people worry that being unable to conceive will lead to depression and excessive stress, which will form a vicious circle.

High levels of cortisol and adrenaline can affect your body function. This can exacerbate health conditions and put the body at risk of new diseases, such as obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

3. Ages

The number of eggs a woman will have in her lifetime is determined at birth. As women age, their age and egg quality will decline. Women in their 20s have a 25-30% chance of getting pregnant every month. By the age of 40, this probability will drop to 5%. With this in mind, you can make the right decision to have a baby at the right time.

4. Abnormal weight

According to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, overweight and underweight are both causes of female infertility, accounting for 12% of cases. Being underweight can cause hormonal problems, which can lead to irregular ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles and an increased risk of miscarriage.

Women should ensure that their body mass index (BMI) is maintained at a healthy level and consult a dietitian to develop an appropriate diet plan.

5. Exposure to certain chemicals

Many people think that the cosmetics they apply to their bodies every day and the household cleaning chemicals they use are safe, but this is not always the case. Studies have shown that certain chemicals such as phthalates and parabens can cause endocrine disorders and other related problems.

Although it is impossible to determine the degree of impact on each object, try to choose cosmetics of natural origin and limit your exposure to cleaning chemicals. You can make many natural cleaning formulas as substitutes for industrial chemicals.

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