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8 ways the body warns of poor health

Changes in mood or food preferences are sometimes a warning of health problems, experts say.

Here’s what the body tries to “tell” you when it’s really bad:

Want to chew ice?

Craving for ice is sometimes just a habit, but it can also be a sign of iron deficiency or anemia. You may need some blood tests to check, and your doctor may order additional foods and vitamins if needed.

It feels like something is crawling on my feet

If you have strange sensations in your legs like ants crawling or fidgeting, it could be a sign of restless legs syndrome. This sign is often persistent, making you feel uncomfortable, especially at night, difficult to relax and rest.

Change eye color

If there is a white or gray ring around the cornea of ​​the eye, it could be a sign of high cholesterol in people under 45 years of age.

Skin thickens

Don’t ignore skin problems or underestimate them. When the skin becomes thick and itchy, it can be a sign of many internal problems, like hormonal disorders, eczema, or allergies. You may have to have some blood tests done if the problem persists or gets worse.

Craving for salt

It’s okay to like salty food, but when you can’t take it anymore and salty food becomes the only thing you want, it’s time to ask yourself why. According to medical sources, this could be a sign of iron deficiency, anemia, dehydration or premenstrual syndrome.

Angry and aggressive behavior

Outbursts of anger don’t always affect your personality. Some researchers suggest that it is directly related to depression. Not only fatigue, lack of energy or sadness, quarrels, anger are also manifestations of this disease.

Sleeping too much

The disorder is called hypersomni a and it could stem from things that prove it’s more than just fatigue, doctors say. Some autoimmune diseases can cause drowsiness anywhere. In addition, drinking alcoholic beverages before bed can also cause this effect.

Always feel thirsty

Experts say it’s not normal for you to feel thirsty all the time. There are some cases where it can be connected to the food you eat, so check to see if you are eating too much spicy or salty food. Constant thirst can also be a sign of diabetes or pregnancy.

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