A case of recombinant Deltacron and Omicron variants has been documented in Australia

NSW has recorded two so-called “recombinant” cases, including one case of infection with Deltacron – a combination of two Delta and Omicron variants, and one case of infection with two sub-variants of Omicron, BA.1 and BA. 2.

In -2 causes the COVID-19 pandemic to evade vaccines or lead to more severe disease.

Data from NSW Health’s weekly COVID-19 report shows two so-called “recombinant” cases have been recorded locally, including Deltacron cases – a combination of two Delta variants and Omicron, and two sub-variants BA combination infection. 1 and BA. 2 microns.

Australian health authorities are monitoring cases of recombination that occur when two different strains of the virus merge into a new strain.

[US epidemiologists warn of wave of infections in Deltacron hybrids]

According to NSW Health Professor Dominic Dwyer, further testing is needed to determine whether the combined versions of the two Omicron sub-variants BA.1 and BA.2 detected in NSW are identical. or not. The XE version was recently discovered in the UK, and many other reconstituted versions have been found around the world. On the other hand, it will take more time to determine whether these reconstituted versions are contagious or just a one-off.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the XE variant is 10% more transmissible than Omicron.

Meanwhile, UNSW virologist Professor William Rawlinson said people infected with the recombinant variant abroad had so far not shown more severe disease.

Currently, the new BA.2 sub-variant of the Omicron variant, also known as the “stealth Omicron” variant, is dominating NSW.

A weekly surveillance report released on April 2 states that 95% of COVID-19-positive cases genetically sequenced by the National Pathology Laboratory are BA.2.

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