The years 2010 - 2011 were probably the early stages of the Vietnamese mobile game village. At that time, most Vietnamese gamers were still enamored with many love-making games such as Kiem The, Thien Long Bat Bo or were caught up in the explosive wave of web games at that time. However, it must be admitted that, although the number is limited, the gameplay is simple and not much breakthrough, but the mobile games at that time, until now, are still considered "legendary". ", and the key to success lies in his simplicity but reasonableness.
   Let's take a look back, at that early stage, we have hit names like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and stand out and still maintain the attraction up to the present time. Can't ignore the name Candy Crush Saga. In general, to be able to become a master of these games, it is nothing but gamers just need to be quick, quick eyes and use the touch feature appropriately. It is far from tactical and requires a lot of hand manipulation like PUBG, Free Fire or Lien Quan Mobile games at the present time.
   However, the huge revenue and future potential seems to be what makes things more uncertain than ever. Competition between developers began to flare up when the revenue and advertising pie was more than ever. However, this also leads to rampant copying. At the time, any app had two or three versions of the same thing about a month after release. It is somewhat similar to the present time, when the Vietnamese mobile game village is also witnessing many similar games both in terms of gameplay and graphics, and at the same time bold in nature "instant noodles".
   Of course, names like Fruit Ninja or Angry Bird are now a thing of the past. Now is the age of sophisticated, complex and sometimes highly skilled games that can be included in eSports competitions and sometimes even AR technology like Pokemon GO. But if you look at the top most downloaded games in the period 2010 - 2019, perhaps many people will still be surprised. For simplicity, the top names are not Free Fire, nor LQMB as many people expect. Those are still super minimalist games with old gameplay like Temple Run, Subway Surfers and even 8 Ball Pools.