Antibiotics do not prevent or treat Covid-19

Pneumonia caused by Covid-19 is viral pneumonia, so antibiotics have no preventive value.
Recently, Thanh Nien received many questions from readers about health authorities recommending against using antibiotics to treat Covid-19 disease, but why are so many patients taking Covid-19 still being treated by doctors? cure? cure? Hospital doctor? Antibiotic Prescribing Advisory Group.

Associate Professor. Professor Nguyen Tan Dung, former head of the Department of Paediatrics at Bach Mai Hospital in Hanoi, shared that doctors may not fully understand the policies of the Ministry of Health, and some doctors are too worried about the current situation. dual infection.

“I have been researching antibiotics for many years. In my opinion, antibiotics should not be used to fight double infection in this case because the drug is ineffective and more harmful,” said Dr. Nguyen Tien Dung.

Associate Professor. F0 advises readers whether antibiotics should be used to prevent lung damage when infected with Covid-19.

Dr. Tao explained specifically: The pneumonia caused by Covid-19 is viral pneumonia, so antibiotics have no preventive value. Doctors only use antibiotics for Covid-19 patients with clear evidence of infection. In fact, the Ministry of Health’s instructions on medicines for Covid-19 do not include antibiotics; and antiviral drugs, which can suppress inflammation and treat symptoms of respiratory failure as the disease progresses. In the early stages of the pandemic, some people treated Covid-19 with antibiotics just to ease their anxiety. In China, studies have shown that if antibiotics are given in the early stages of a Covid-19 infection, 70% make symptoms worse, and they show that the number of people infected with the bacteria goes away on their own. related to Covid-19 infection. Usually very little.

The representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam also stressed that antibiotics cannot cure or prevent the virus. Antibiotics only work against bacterial infections (Covid-19 is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus). Improper use of antibiotics increases the risk of antibiotic resistance, putting people at risk even if the infection is mild. Some Covid-19 patients may be co-infected. Once this is determined, the healthcare provider may prescribe antibiotics to treat the patient’s secondary infection.

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