Apple boss admits MacBook's weakness

   Apple representatives admitted that the ability to install applications from many sources makes the security of Mac computers worse than iPhones.Testifying during Apple's hearing with Epic Games, Apple's Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, had many comments, one of which was related to the security of Mac computers.

   Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers asked Federighi why macOS has many app stores that can install apps from outside sources but iOS can't. Responding to Judge Rogers, the Apple representative admitted that is what makes Macs less secure than iPhones.
According to 9to5mac, one of Federighi's goals is to build the iPhone ecosystem, including the App Store, into a secure environment for users. However, to do that, Apple has "sacrifice" security on Macs.
   "The ability to install multiple app stores is often exploited by (bad guys) on the Mac... Currently, the level of malicious code on the Mac makes it impossible for us to accept," Federighi shared, using Android as an example. Platforms with multiple app stores will have security issues.
   So far, iOS has been successful in solving problems related to malware," Federighi said.
   Apple's vice president of software even likens Mac computers to cars.
   "The Mac is a car. You can drive out and go anywhere. That's what you want, and there are certain responsibilities. As for iOS, you're going to want a device that you can use. safe by children. It's a different product," said Federighi.
   Apple representatives added that the company is always looking for ways to prevent malicious code on Macs, each week must prevent "multiple cases" of infections that can affect "hundreds of thousands of people". Since May 2020, there have been 130 types of malicious code affecting 300,000 Mac computers.
   When asked if the Mac is secure, Federighi said it is "the most secure device possible" compared to other computers.
   Finally, an Apple representative confirmed that the security of iOS would "change significantly" if it added the ability to install applications from multiple sources such as Mac.
   "You can release an app that is less secure and have no one test it," Federighi asserted.