Apple improves outdoor cycling in watchOS 8

   Apple has taken serious steps to improve outdoor cycling on the new watchOS 8.
   Apple revealed at its California Streaming event that the watchOS 8 update will bring some big quality upgrades to their outdoor cycling workouts. So far, the tracking features on the Apple watch for cycling have been rather limited - without functions like auto-pause and motion detection, but watchOS 8 offers it all. this.
   For Apple Watch users who love cycling, Apple's focus on a mountain biker during the rollout was a pivotal moment. This may be the only major fitness segment where the company doesn't completely dominate as it did with running and yoga. With cycling becoming the choice of many people (instead of public transport), now is the right time for Apple to launch the latest watchOS with streamlined cycling functions that meet the needs of users. people. Everyone. use.
   This year is the right time to improve and upgrade features not only for professional cyclists but also for cyclists.
Essentially, watchOS 8 turns the Apple Watch into a computer-equipped cycling machine (for measuring) with improved Outdoor Cycling. It can now automatically detect when you start cycling outside and prompt you to start your workout based on advanced algorithms that analyze data from the watch's sensors - GPS, heart rate, accelerometer accelerometer and gyroscope - to understand when you are cycling. To prevent this feature from being started incorrectly or being tricked, the watch also recognizes increased heart rate from pedaling to help distinguish if you're actually cycling or just sitting in a slow-moving vehicle. . .
Julz also revealed that the watch's magnetometer is essentially a compass and will detect any change in direction. This feature detects swaying due to natural cycling motion to send a reminder to start an outdoor cycling workout.
Also, the auto pause and resume feature is great for OCD cyclists who have to constantly pause their workout due to traffic. While it's not groundbreaking, it's certainly a useful feature for anyone cycling in crowded cities.
The most important update is to improve drop detectionThree years ago, Apple introduced drop detection on its watches. It quickly became a useful feature for many users, especially the older ones. Falling under normal circumstances is also detrimental, not that you fall while riding a bicycle. When riding a bicycle, even if you turn a corner, bump into something on the road, fall, etc., it is not a trivial matter. Therefore, the optimization of fall detection is highly appreciated. Specifically, Apple engineers have adapted algorithms to recognize the unique motion and impact of a fall from a bicycle.
So, just like how drop detection has always worked, a strong drop alert will appear on your Apple Watch after a strong impact (collision) and you can stop it (if you feel okay). ) or initiate a call to emergency services as soon as they are notified. In the event that Apple Watch detects you're not moving and you can't contact emergency services, it will play an audio message when the call connects to make sure you get help. . WatchOS 8 turns Apple's smartwatch into a real lifesaver in an unlikely situation.