Apple 24-inch iMac at a glance

   Apple’s recently launched 24-inch iMac has a slim design, comes in a variety of variants, and is available in a variety of colors. The 24-inch iMac feels particularly refreshing because it is the first Mac with a new design and a new M1 CPU/GPU platform. In addition, there is a 24-inch size suitable for large screens, due to the thinner screen frame and other design adjustments, the equivalent area.
   New designThe design language of iMac in the past 10 years has been a large screen, a light back design, thin and sharp edges and single curved legs. But now we have a 24-inch iMac. Its body is flat, similar to a computer monitor, with square edges. Contrasting colors accentuate the thinner bezels instead of covering up the black.
   The power cord has been redesigned and uses a magnetic connection. And the location is similar to the previous iMac design, allowing cables to be routed through the holes in the bracket for a clearer view. Magnetic connection is a clever concept, don’t confuse it with Apple’s old MagSafe laptop cable. And it is a tight enough connection. The built-in Ethernet port of iMac is no longer used as a power charger.
   The trapezoidal legs have been reduced to a neat rectangle. The display hinge moves deeper and is more awkward than before. Unlike the old iMac, the screen fits tightly to the middle of the fuselage, making it sturdy and beautiful. The 24-inch iMac is also very lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds.
   This is Apple’s first computer designed from the ground up as the M1 system, and it showed users major changes in Apple’s design, paving the way for products such as MacBook and Mac Mini.
   Different colorThe iPhone has always been in different colors, and new colors are released every year. As for MacBook, there are only a few basic colors to choose from. However, with seven rich colors (and two color combinations for each), the 24-inch  iMac is the most colorful Mac.
   Of all the 24-inch iMac colors, the front is darker and the back is darker. The included power cord and Lightning cord are also color-matched, as is the keyboard and mouse or trackpad, and even the screen wallpaper.
   For many people, the biggest shock may be the absence of the Apple logo on the front, which is always located directly below the iMac series screen.
   It’s also surprising that the color-coordinated keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are only available for the system you ordered, and are only available in the same color, not options.
   Performance as expectedThe current MacBook Air, Mac Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and 24-inch iMac are all the same computer. Because they all use the new M1 processor, the same operating system, and the same RAM and memory configuration. Part of the performance difference comes from two different M1 instances.
   Camera systemIf there is a universal truth that everyone must face. In other words, most people's webcams are of poor quality. Almost all laptops used for calling or using Zoom will be equipped with low-resolution cameras, usually with software and weak signal processing. However, a 24-inch M1 platform iMac equipped with a 1080p camera can provide better image processing software.
   Should I buy or not?If you’ve never used an iMac before and are considering switching from a laptop to a desktop computer, the 24-inch iMac is a good choice. Because basically this product has a beautiful and eye-catching design. Stable performance and easy to use.