Apple please change this setting on iPhone 14

The iPhone has many advantages in terms of performance, camera, and screen. However, their design is not optimal and does not bring a good user experience.

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Apple please change this setting on iPhone 14

The iPhone 13 is rated as the best phone on the market today. They have many advantages, such as beautiful screens, powerful performance and high-quality cameras.

From these perspectives, it is difficult for Android smartphones to provide an excellent experience. However, compared to the iPhone 13, one of the advantages of most Android phones is the ergonomic design. Although phones such as Google’s Pixel 6 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro are the same size as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, they are more comfortable.

It can be seen that smart phones are getting bigger and bigger. This makes it more difficult to hold and use the device with one hand. Knowing this, Android smartphone manufacturers designed a diagonal back with evenly curved edges to help the device fit the user’s palm.

At the same time, when Apple tried to make the iPhone more square and sharper, the situation was just the opposite. As for the iPhone 13, 13 Mini or 13 Pro version, the screen size is not too big, and it can be accepted in your hand.

However, with a large and heavy machine like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, using this device with one hand makes me really uncomfortable, even if I am a big hand.

Change the design to a square shape to make iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 more fresh in the eyes of users. However, to me, this has no practical value.

According to recent revelations, Apple is likely to maintain this design on the iPhone 14th generation. This is really a disaster for me. I hope the design of iPhone 14 is more ergonomic and more comfortable to hold.

The curved design on the back helps to enhance the user experience. Apple may fully understand this, but the company will not change anytime soon.

We can look at the MacBook Pro in 2021 to know that Apple has spent up to 5 years listening to user feedback and changing products.

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