Apple stops cooperating with Samsung on the project of using OLED screens for iPad Air 2022

   According to a recent report from The Elec, Apple has stopped a cooperation project with Samsung, specifically the iPad Air 2022 will not be supported by Samsung's OLED screen technology.
   iPad Air 2022 will not have an OLED screen. Why ?Insiders say the project has been halted due to the OLED panel's monolithic structure or profitability issues, or both.
   Apple is said to be unhappy with the brightness levels of single-stack OLED panels and is also concerned about the longevity of the panels, as consumers tend to keep iPads longer than smartphones, which have an enhancement cycle. than. . level longer.
Instead, Apple wants to use a dual-stack parallel structure for its first OLED iPad. This doubles the brightness and extends the panel's lifespan up to four times.
   However, according to the report, Samsung has only commercialized single-stack architecture and is not capable or willing to offer dual-stack technology.
Samsung concerned about the profit of the product?

   Unless Samsung can be sure that the iPad Air ‌ 2022 with OLED panels will be sold in the long run, preparing the back panel process for the product will not be of much value.
   Most of the rumors we've heard about the ‌‌iPad Air‌‌ with an OLED display suggest it will launch in 2022, and today's South Korean report doubles that year from when it was announced. . . propose.