Apple uses security measures to limit iPhone information disclosure

   Previously, the information that the notch design still became the "highlight" of this year's iPhone 13 made Apple fans stir. However, there is also information that Apple will upgrade the notch design by shrinking it to increase the aesthetics of the front. At the same time, many reputable websites have also given information about the terrible configuration, as well as the new colors available on the next iPhone generation. This inadvertently causes technology news sites to always wait for "leaked information" to summarize everything about the iPhone 13 as quickly as possible. Even before Apple's homepage made a detailed announcement.
   This makes Apple also "headache" to find ways to tighten security at phone factories. It is not unusual for product information to be leaked before the launch time. Typically before that, the prototype images of the iPhone 12 were also leaked a few weeks before the official launch. However, this is certainly more or less harmful to the manufacturer's fees. Even if the designs are not as expected, it also reduces the number of pre-orders for technology products.
   Limit leakage of new product informationApple makes a lot of regulations with employees related to the assembly line; or possess sensitive ingredients. This is to avoid revealing new iPhone information.
   According to The Info, Apple has added requirements for manufacturing partners such as Foxconn and Wistron. Companies are required to do background checks on all fingerprints on the assembly line. All guests entering and leaving must also provide government-issued identification; before entering production and research facilities. Security is also responsible for keeping detailed records of activities; or travel history of employees in possession of sensitive products or components. Each machine part will be assigned a maximum time to stay in a production area. If the transit of sensitive components between stations is abnormally long; then the security alert will automatically trigger.
   Tighten information security Iphone 13Apple also introduced new regulations for security camera systems. In which, each room must have at least 4 cameras. This is to ensure there are no blind spots. Typically, the process of destroying prototypes and faulty components must be documented. But this information has just been changed by "Apple". The company has increased the storage period to a minimum of 180 days. At the same time, Apple's computer systems at the factory will be upgraded. Proprietary software replenishment system running on Mac Mini to control production schedule.
   Along with the new iPhone information leak restrictions; Apple also offers more privacy to its employees. Partners can no longer collect biometric data such as facial scans; or fingerprints of airline staff. However, this does not apply to assembly plant workers employed by Apple's partners such as Foxconn and Wistron.