Apple’s most powerful tablet has amazing discounts in Vietnam

The iPad Pro with the M1 chip is being sold at discounted prices by retailers, with models as low as IDR 5.5 million.

The 2021-made iPad Pro with the M1 chip – Apple’s most powerful iPad model today – is being launched by major retailers with discounts as low as VND 5.5 million.

Same iPad Pro 12.9, but with 5G support, different policies. Therefore, the cost of the iPad Pro 12.9 256GB version is VND 37.99 million, which is only VND 34.49 million (down VND 5.5 million). In particular, the iPad Pro 12.9 5G 128GB model decreased by only VND 4.7 million to VND 30.29 million. Specifically, at FPT Shop, the iPad Pro 12.9 Wi-Fi version is reduced by VND 5 million on all memory versions. After the promotion, the phones are priced at VND 25.99 million (128GB), VND 28.99 million (256GB) and VND 33.99 million (512GB).

The small-screen iPad Pro 11 M1 Wi-Fi model is also discounted from VND 3 million to VND 19.99 million.

Not in the iPad Pro series, but the iPad Mini 8.3 Wi-Fi+5G version is priced at VND 16.99 million, which is 3 million cheaper than the list price.

Specifically, the iPad Pro M1 12.9-inch WiFi 5G 256GB is VND 31.49 million, a decrease of VND 4.6 million. The same model, but the price of the 128GB version is reduced by 3.9 million to 29.99 million; the 512GB version is reduced by 2.8 million to 35.99 million VND.

The same 12.9-inch iPad Pro as above but only with built-in Wi-Fi is also discounted, with a lower discount. Specifically: the 128GB version was reduced by VND 4.5 million to VND 24.99 million. The 256GB version was reduced by VND 4.2 million to VND 27.99 million. In particular, the 512GB version decreased by VND 2.7 million and VND 31.69 million.

In order to compete, Samsung launched the Tab S8 series of tablets, of which the Tab S8 Ultra belongs to the strongest tablet series and is currently Samsung’s largest screen.

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