Are people infected with the Omicron variant at high risk of re-infection with Covid-19?

People infected with the Omicron variant have a negligible risk of re-infection with Covid-19 and are much lower than those infected with other variants.

During the first 2 months, people infected with the Omicron variant have a lower risk of reinfection.

Overall, the risk of re-infection with Covid-19 within six months is extremely low, said Hsu Li Yang, associate professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Surreyford School of Public Health.

The professor also said the risk of re-infection with the same variant within the first year was not a concern, although more evidence was still needed to be sure. In general, as the number of antibodies decreases, the chance of re-infection with the virus increases over time.

Meanwhile, Professor Dale Fisher, Senior Consultant in the Department of Infectious Diseases at the National University Hospital of Singapore, cited recent research showing that people infected with the Omicron variant have a lower risk of reinfection. more than 2 days. first month.

However, this rate increased when patients were infected with another variant before Omicron, because the new variant was less affected by antibodies raised against the previous variant.

Experts say Omicron is currently responsible for most Covid-19 cases and the new variant is unlikely to replace it, but that possibility cannot be ruled out. Omicron continues to evolve into another form.

While vaccinated people can still become infected with Omicron, vaccination remains an effective measure to prevent disease progression — an important factor in assessing current and long-term epidemics. long. long.

Assoc Prof Xu cited statistics showing that vaccinated people had an eight to 10 times lower mortality rate than unvaccinated or only vaccinated people.

Against the backdrop of the emergence of new variants of Omicron in Singapore over the past 2-3 months, experts say the risk of reinfection in the country’s population is currently very low, so extra caution is needed. .Its advantage. use during this period. This time, it’s about stepping up efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

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