ASUS introduces new GeForce GT 730 series of graphics cards with 4 HDMI ports

   Compared to a few months ago, the shortage of graphics cards has recently eased and prices have also dropped. However, according to various sources, the supply will be tight for a while and there will definitely be price increases or shortages. At a recent financial meeting, NVIDIA CEO Huang Renxun said it is still difficult to fully meet user demand for its GeForce RTX series of graphics cards and the scarcity of graphics cards. This will last until the end of 2022.
   In February 2021, NVIDIA decided to revive the once "divine" graphics card - GTX 1050 Ti to temporarily solve the shortage of graphics cards. After this decision, they continued to make a move to revive some graphics cards in the popular segment such as the GeForce GT 730 that were no longer produced.
   As revealed by the famous technology player with the nickname @momomo_us on Twitter, ASUS has recently quietly launched a new GeForce GT 730 series of graphics cards, with model GT730-4H-SL-2GD5. Obviously, in terms of performance, this GT 730 product line can only satisfy users with low graphics needs. However, ASUS also designed the GT730-4H-SL-2GD5 series with Auto-Extreme technology, using PCI slot and passive cooling system. In terms of size, the product has dimensions of 148 x 105 x 18 mm and applies 2GB of VRAM 64bit GDDR5. The GPU is based on the Kepler architecture with 384 CUDA cores, a 927 MHz boost clock, and a VRAM bandwidth of 5 Gbps. It is worth mentioning that this product line is equipped with four HDMI 1.4 ports.
   However, it should be noted that Nvidia has determined that after the release of the GeForce R470 GA5 driver version on August 31, it will no longer release driver versions that support these products. . more Kepler architecture products. This means that the Kepler line of graphics cards in general and the GT 730 in particular have become obsolete and inappropriate at the present time.
   There is still no specific price that ASUS offers for the GT730-4H-SL-2GD5 series, but some industry experts believe that the price of this "new" graphics card could exceed the $100 threshold. This is quite crazy for a low-end graphics card product at the moment.