Australia confirmed that the computer network of its Parliament was attacked by hackers

   Because countermeasures were deployed immediately when the cyber attack was discovered, Australia was not harmed.On May 24, Australian media reported that the President of the Australian Senate had just confirmed that the computer network of this country's Parliament was attacked by hackers in March 2021.
   The Australian newspaper quoted Senate Speaker Scott Ryan as saying that on March 27, the computer network of the Australian Parliament was attacked by hackers for nearly 24 hours. As soon as the attack was discovered, appropriate controls were put in place to lock down the accounts of MPs and staff working in Parliament to ensure that information was not compromised. These measures prevented malicious actors, but left MPs and staff working for the Australian Parliament unable to access their accounts on the Parliament computer network for about a week.
   According to information from Australian authorities, in recent years, public agencies and businesses of this country have become the target of many cyber attacks.
   Earlier, at the end of February 2019, announcing the national security situation before the Australian House of Representatives, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center had identified a malicious intrusion into the network. computer of the Federal Assembly in early February 2019. The investigation also discovered that the computer networks of some major political parties in Australia, including the Liberal Party and Labor Party, were affected.
   Australia's security services detected and prevented the attack and said there was a "sophisticated" backing hand of a foreign government in the incident, but it is not clear which country was behind the attack. and motives for carrying out the case.
   In early February 2018, Australia also announced the discovery of a breach of the federal Parliament's computer system, forcing users, including Prime Minister Morrison and members of the cabinet, to change their passwords and apply security measures.