Australia donates 60 million doses of vaccine to developing countries

So far, Indonesia has received the most COVID-19 vaccines from Australia with 5.69 million doses, followed by Vietnam with 5.16 million doses and Cambodia with 2.35 million doses.

By the end of 2022, Australia will provide a total of 60 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to developing countries, of which more than 17.5 million doses have been delivered to Pacific and Southeast Asian countries.

Recently, last week, through an initiative with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Australia provided Cambodia with more than 2.35 million doses of Pfizer vaccine. This is Canberra’s first funding for vaccines. Begging. ask a question. Prevent COVID-19 for this Southeast Asian country.

To date, Indonesia has received the most COVID-19 vaccine from Australia with 5.69 million doses, followed by Vietnam with 5.16 million doses, Cambodia with 2.35 million doses, and Laos and Fiji with more than 1 million doses. , And East Timor is 777,850 doses. Of the 17.5 million doses shared by Australia and countries in the region, 12.93 million doses came from domestic production and 4.63 million doses came from cooperation with UNICEF.

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Australia and Pacific Development Minister Zede Cesalia said that Australia not only provides funding for vaccines, but also supports training, cold chain planning and storage of medical staff, needles and syringes. Logistics and communication plans of neighboring countries.

In addition, Australia has donated 130 million Australian dollars (91 million US dollars) to the COVAX project, and another 100 million Australian dollars is used to support countries in the region to obtain and deploy vaccines through UNICEF. .. Within the framework of a four-party partnership with India, Japan and the United States.

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