At the present time, when it comes to famous games, most people will often think of some names like Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, LQMB... However, if you look at the list of titles. The best-selling game in history, Mario, or Minecraft are the brands that are leading the way. Of course, despite the bad graphics, the gameplay is a bit old, but there are countless reasons for these two famous brands to maintain their leading "money-making" position.
With seniority, many times longer than current super products
   First of all, it must be made clear that the ranking of the best-selling games also means that they are paid games, so surely, Free Fire, Lien Quan Mobile, no matter how crowded, cannot appear. appear on this list. Maybe there is PUBG, but with the early blooming and dying of this game, PUBG has not even reached the number of 100 million copies sold, far behind names like Mario or Minecraft.
   And if you look at the ranking of best-selling games, it can be seen that, except for PUBG, most of the remaining games are over a decade old. The Mario brand has been around for a long time without question, while Minecraft has been around since 2009. As for the game that is at the top of the best-selling list, Tetris probably appeared much earlier than Mario. more and more. The old game, still maintaining its appeal to this day, so the best-selling is understandable.
Suitable for all ages, regardless of player skill
   Games like Free Fire are often labeled as "young and old" by gamers. Likewise, Lien Quan Mobile and some other games. As for PUBG, success or failure depends on skill and luck. In other words, these games can only reach and serve a certain set of gamers - those who are skilled, agile and, of course, love such highly competitive games. But Mario, Minecraft or even Tetris are not like that. It's not even an exaggeration to say that this is a game for everyone.
   It's easy to understand, you don't need to have a quick hand or a deep understanding and too much about the game, you can still play Tetris, Mario and Minecraft in a simple way. The competition in these games is also not high, it can even be a family game when adults and children are easy to play together. Therefore, it is understandable that those brands are selling well.