Be wary of being invited to invest in “AI Robots”

   Recently, the Department of Competition and Consumer Protection has issued a warning about illegal multi-level business activities in the form of investment in "AI Robots" with potential legal risks.
   The Department of Competition and Consumer Protection (Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection) noted that some organizations and individuals invite people to invest in "artificial intelligence robots" (AI - Artificial Intelligence) through websites and applications. like snowai (,,…); (,…
   Accordingly, these organizations and individuals invite people to invest in the system to hire "AI Robots" that are introduced as having "the ability to make money by themselves" in different forms. According to the ad, AI Robots will "do" affiliate marketing on its own to promote products for the brand or trade on some virtual currency/crypto exchanges. . Depending on the investment package that hires the AI ​​Robot, investors can earn a variety of commissions arising from orders or trading virtual currencies, including commissions from other people's investments. later in a multi-level manner.
   The Consumer Rights Protection Department assessed that the operation models of the above organizations and individuals showed signs of doing business in a multi-level manner without being granted a certificate. When participating, investors also face the risk of financial loss when investment results are not guaranteed. Although they have to pay real money when participating, people's investment results are only recorded on the system in the form of scores, coins, virtual money, e-wallets, etc. This type of "virtual property" is not registered, registry. recognized by the state agency, so it has no legal value.
   To avoid financial and legal losses, the Plant Protection Department recommends that people not participate in investing and developing the snowai, ( system.