Best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals for under $1000

All offers for Cyber Monday gaming laptops won't cost you an arm and a leg.
The gaming laptop deals on Electronics Monday this year are ripe for implementation. Compared to the scarcity of graphics cards, laptops are in abundant supply. You won't find next-generation GPUs or CPUs available in laptops, but that means there are plenty of current-generation gaming laptops offered cheaply as retailers try to make room for the more powerful models of next year.
There are some cheap Cyber Monday laptop deals that you can get when you spend less than $1000. We have a longer article dedicated to all Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals that we have found, including premium models equipped with THE RTX 2070 GPU. But those laptops can easily cost from $1500, which is a large amount. Spending so much would make sense if it's your only system, but if you're on a budget saver or looking for a gaming laptop to combine with a top desktop, then you should save some cash.

That's what we've collected for you here:

the best gaming laptops sold for under a thousand dollars. We've also offered some non-gaming options for less than $1,000, in case you're still shopping for a friend or family member who doesn't like gaming as much as you do.

No, you won't find a laptop with RTX 3070 hidden under the hood, but there are still plenty of impressive hardware-packed current generation gaming laptops that will give you great performance when playing demanding games.

Gaming laptops

Things to look out for at a gaming laptop on Electronics Monday Cyber Monday's best deals on cheap gaming laptops will give you performance good enough to play games at 1080p without being cut too many corners. That means including an SSD and a dedicated GPU. You need to keep track of what parts are being used, what else you get for your cash, and whether it really fits into the game you plan to play.

This will not be where you find the most advanced parts or the thinnest design. There are some powerful all-new components that are attacking the PC hardware market right now, but they're mostly in the desktop space. By 2021, expect to see that new hardware filtered to laptops.

That means companies now want to sell laptops with older hardware. That means trading — but don't be fooled into dividing money for anything other than the last generation of GPUs.

Be aware of storage space and storage space as well. That's most true in the low-end market, where manufacturers can aim to keep prices low by using single memory bars and thus halve potential memory bandwidth. However, that may not be a problem in the cheapest line of gaming laptops, where the GPU will make the biggest difference to your experience.