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Blood Fresh Supply – Blood Cheats

Blood Cheat Codes

To enter a cheat code, you first gotta press T, used for chat and then type the cheat code exactly as shown (if it has spaces, write them too).

Note that using cheats will disable Achievements

clarice: 100% body armor, 100% fire armor, 100% spirit armor

griswold: 200% Armor

spork: 200% Health

cousteau: 200% Health and Diving Suit

krueger: 200% Health and Fire

montana: All Items

keymaster: All Keys

idaho: All Weapons

lara croft: All Weapons + Infinite Ammo

hongkong: All weapons and full ammo

mcgee: Burn Yourself

eva galli: Clipping

spielberg: Disable All Cheats

capinmyass: Disable God Mode

rate: Display Frame Rate

edmark: Displays the message “AHH… THOSE WERE THE DAYS”

tequila: Double Weapons

bunz: Double Weapons + Full Ammo

jojo: Drunk Mode

forkbroussard: Drunk Mode + No Weapons

nocapinmyass: Enable God Mode

satchel: Full Inventory

iwannabelikekevin: God Mode

kevorkian: Instant Death

onering: Invisibility

funkyshoes: Jump Higher

goonies: Show Full Map

calgon: Skip Current Level

sterno: Temporary Blindness

voorhees: Temporary invulnerability

mpkfa: Toggles god mode on or off


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