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Call recorder app stopped working due to the following reasons

Google just changed its Google Play policy, which will disable third-party call recording apps starting May 11, 2022.

According to member NLL Apps (Reddit), this policy change affects app developers’ use of the Accessibility API.

Google said the Accessibility API was not designed for remote call recording, a policy the company clarified during a recent webinar for developers.

Google has gradually deprecated and removed the API that allowed call recording on some versions of Android. The company does this to protect the privacy of its users and also because of the laws of some countries.

Starting with Android 10, Google has blocked call recording by default. So, to work around this limitation, apps on Google Play have started using the accessibility API for call recording, however, with the new changes Google introduced this month, this will no longer be possible. this. Next.

Even so, Google’s new policy will likely only affect third-party call recording apps on Google Play. The private call recording feature on Google Pixels, Xiaomi and other phones is not affected.

Basically, system apps can use any permissions on the phone, while third-party apps need permissions.

Can developers make changes to the new policy before the May deadline? It’s unclear where the fate of the call-logging app will go.

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