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Can eating honey cause diabetes? Does it cause early puberty? These 5 misunderstandings about honey, it’s time to disprove them

Honey, which has been discovered by humans since ancient times, has a unique sweet taste that satisfies human taste buds.

This type of honey has conquered countless people at home and abroad, in addition to being delicious, honey also has many different “miraculous effects”.

In fact, honey is not as magical as people think.

As the quintessence of flowers, since ancient times honey has been described as beautiful by countless writers and poets, and it also adds charm to honey.

But in fact, the most effective ingredient in honey is none other than sugar, which makes up around 80% of the total ingredients.

From a clinical point of view, it is a high-sugar food, eating a large amount actually has no beneficial effect on health, on the contrary, it is unhealthy.

As for health effects, also known as healing effects, modern science has also studied a lot about them and found that micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals in honey are deficient and these ingredients have no other benefits.

Therefore, the so-called miracle effect does not actually have as many health benefits as many people think.

Regarding honey, these views are also misunderstood:

– First of all, is sour honey fake?

Many traders discovered the potential profit from honey and started making fake honey, that is, adding more sugar to the honey. It is said that as long as honey tastes sour, it is fake honey.

But in fact, the main ingredients of honey are actually fructose and glucose, and it also has certain acidic substances. After eating honey in the mouth, acidic substances will develop for a long time, from there. produces a sour taste, this is a normal behavior that has nothing to do with the authenticity of the honey.

– Second, does eating honey lead to early puberty?

It is rumored that if children eat too much honey, early puberty will occur. In fact, to date there is no data to suggest that eating honey can promote precocious puberty.

The ingredients in honey are actually sugar, vitamins, trace elements, organic acids and digestive enzymes, which do not cause early puberty, so parents should not worry too much.

But it is not recommended to give a lot of honey to children, because it is one of the killers of obesity.

– Third, is honey with chives poisonous?

Many health-conscious people are overly reliant on food and believe that eating certain foods together will lead to food poisoning.

In fact, in most cases, food poisoning claims are unreliable, and the same goes for honey and chives. The organic acids in honey and onions contain sulfur compounds, which pose a potential poisoning risk.

However, the content of organic acids in honey is very low and the reaction between the two also requires a catalyst in the medium. Therefore, eating honey and green onions together only affects the taste buds and does not cause food poisoning.

– Fourth, is crystallized honey a quality problem?

Many families see that newly purchased honey comes out as a clear liquid, the honey crystallizes in a short time, so everyone thinks it is a sign of poor quality.

But in fact, honey crystallization is a normal expression, related to many different factors.

Some honeys will crystallize even at room temperature, especially 13-14 is the most suitable temperature for honey to crystallize, it has nothing to do with the quality of the honey.

– Fifth, will eating honey cause diabetes?

In fact, diabetes occurs because the function of the islets of the pancreas is impaired and the cells are not sensitive enough to insulin.

The causes of these two conditions are quite complicated, including genetics, aging, unhealthy eating and living habits, obesity… Simply eating honey will not cause diabetes.

But it is undeniable that honey contains a large amount of sugar, so drinking it regularly will lead to obesity, which will increase the risk of metabolic disorders.

In general, honey is essentially a sugar, it’s nothing magical or unique, and it has no special “nutritional value.”

Of course, honey is a kitchen product that can at least give a different flavor to food.

What do you think?

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