Chinese hackers attacked the network of 10 Indonesian ministries and agencies?

   The intranets of at least 10 Indonesian government agencies and organizations have been suspected of being hacked by Chinese hackers, raising concerns about cybersecurity in the nation of ten thousand islands.
   It is suspected that Indonesia's national intelligence agency was also among these targets.
   A recent report by a group of internet security researchers from the international media company TheRecord, Insikt Group, said the first detection of the incident was in April 2021.
   According to this report, 10 Indonesian ministries and agencies, including the national intelligence agency (BIN), were infected with PlugX malware by a hacker group called Mustang Panda, which is believed to be a hacker group from a hacker group. China, which has carried out many espionage activities in cyberspace, has the main objective of its operations in Southeast Asia. The researchers notified Indonesia twice in June and July 2021, but the government has not yet responded.
   Indonesia's police, Ministry of Information and Communications and related agencies are currently taking steps to verify and clean up the hacked system. The head of Indonesia's Cybersecurity and Security Agency, Hinsa Siburian, said the cyber attack was still just a rumor. The Indonesian government is continuing to implement "cyber defense" strategies especially in the face of the challenge of the industrial revolution 4.0. Between January and August 2021, the agency recorded 888,711,736 cyberattacks, all of which were controllable. In addition, according to the data of the Indonesian Cybersecurity and Security    Agency, there are 45.5% of cyberattacks to leak data in government institutions, 21.8% in financial institutions, 10 .4% in media organizations and 10.1% in law enforcement and transportation agencies.