Chinese tech companies are acquiring game companies around the world

   After decades of being dominated by the US and Japan in the gaming sector, now is the time for China to increase its influence as its tech giants continue to buy up game companies around the world. world. However, the question now is whether the Chinese bosses of game companies in the US and Europe will try to make a personal mark through the games they make or will use them. or not. to promote Chinese values.
   According to some experts, the content of the games may stay the same for the time being, but change is inevitable in the coming years. Journalist Lu-Hai Liang told CNBC: “Some values ​​may be different from what many people expect. Meanwhile, Thomas David, a semiconductor engineer in the US, thinks gamers will probably start to see more games where the "good guys" are Chinese and the "bad guys" are Chinese. Westerner.
China's own game market is very tightly regulated.
   Export of Chinese culture“The way China uses games to export culture is hugely important and has been largely ignored. Abishur Prakash, co-founder of the Center for Future Innovation, said China has several ways to spread its ideals to the world and build a new kind of global power through games.
   According to Prakash, China may ban discussion on certain topics such as Taiwan or human rights. It could also establish a "new hub in games to help showcase China's power," or use games to build financial and commercial power.
   Louise Shorthouse, senior game analyst at Ampere Analysis, told CNBC: "I highly doubt that something similar will happen."
And Steven Bailey, chief analyst at Omida, said that Chinese technology companies "have been involved in many Western game companies for quite a long time and understand that to make a successful game there there's no need to change like that. On the contrary, whoever releases a game in China needs to adapt to the mainland market."
   Tencent's Major InvestmentsTwo Chinese internet giants Tencent and NetEase have held stakes in gaming companies beyond mainland borders for years without objection. This is important because games influence culture. Instead of buying shares in major newspapers and TV companies, Tencent is choosing to go a step further and they are buying next-generation media properties without any competition.” Tech investor Rodolfo Rosini wrote on Twitter in February 2021.
   China has more gamers than any other country, which makes it a highly lucrative market for participants. One of the reasons US and European game companies receive investment from Chinese companies is because they have an obligation to partner with a Chinese company before their game can be released. in China. China. Continents.
   Sumo, the UK-based gaming company, became the latest unit to be sold to Tencent on July 26, in a deal worth $1.26 billion. China's largest game publisher also invested $150 million in Reddit in 2019. The deal has angered some Reddit users and raised concerns that the platform may be subject to more censorship. So far, however, this doesn't seem to be happening in any way.