Comet C838 file shredder detailed evaluation

Comet C838 paper shredder is one of the most trusted products of Vietnamese people. What makes Comet C838 so attractive? Join linkgame and find the answer here!

The Comet C838 paper shredder is one of the first high-quality, reputable products to appear on the Vietnamese market. The birth of this machine has left a deep impression on customers, and it is still the top priority of shopping. Let us find out why C838 is so popular through linkgame.

Details of Comet C838. Shredder
Comet C-838 paper shredder is a medium-sized paper shredder with a modern design, with a hash capacity of 6 sheets/time, beautiful colors, durable knives, convenient wheels to move, and convenient horizontal scissors. .Suitable for offices that need to destroy a proper amount of documents. Here are some more detailed parameters about the machine:

Cancellation method: shredded
Cancellation capacity (70 g/m² A4): 6 sheets
Number of doors removed: 01
Cancelled size: 2 x 10 mm
Shredded paper file type: paper
Operation cycle: 10 minutes
Door width: 220 mm
Cancellation speed: 2m/min
Fuel tank capacity: 19 liters
Noise level: <55 decibels
Container type: combined container
Basic function: automatic reversing/manual reversing
Overheating protection function: Yes
Indicator light: indicator light for power and reversing function
Machine size: 350*262*550mm
Total weight: 12.3KG
Power: 260W
Place of Origin: Sino-German joint venture
1 year warranty

Criteria for choosing the right Comet shredder
+ How many sheets/how many times need to be destroyed, more or less?

+ Purpose of using paper shredder

+ Financial capacity of the company office

+ Does the shredder design have movable wheels?

Reasons to buy Comet C838 paper shredder

Comet C838 file shredder detailed evaluation
Comet C838 paper shredder products are manufactured in accordance with modern German technical standards. The models are diverse, the quality is good, and the machine runs stably without paper jams. In addition, some Comet shredders can even unlock CD credit cards to maximize customer satisfaction.

The size of the machine is 350 x 355 x 615mm, which is very small and does not take up space. It is very suitable for small and medium enterprises. Comet C838 will enhance the elegance and professionalism of the office with its extremely elegant and eye-catching design. In addition, the machine is also equipped with movable wheels that can easily change position when needed. The horizontal pull-out trash can with a capacity of 21 liters is very suitable for the file capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Good price
In order to meet the needs of the office, Comet always puts product quality in the first place to ensure that the machine runs at the appropriate capacity. With such a high quality standard, the price of a C838 shredder is only 2.5 million to 2.8 million VND, which is very suitable for the financial affairs of many small and medium-sized offices.

Professional technical and consulting team
Currently, there are many agents and distributors in the Vietnamese market. Comet always guarantees the source, quality and reputation. A team of consultants with in-depth knowledge of paper shredders can help answer any questions and requirements of customers. Therefore, you can easily choose the Comet shredder that suits your needs. In addition, the company’s technicians are well-trained and experienced, and can deal with machine problems enthusiastically. Therefore, when you choose to trust Comet, you will be completely at ease.

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