COVID-19: ‘Invisible Omicron’ has appeared in about 50 countries

The new version of the Omicron variant (BA.2) is called the stealth version of the Omicron variant by scientists because it is difficult to detect in PCR tests.

A new version of the Omicron variant (BA.2), dubbed by scientists as the “stealth Omicron” that appeared in Europe and Asia, is now beginning to “appear” in the United States.

BA.2 is dubbed the “stealth” version of Omicron by scientists because it is difficult to detect in PCR tests. Scientists aren’t sure whether stealth omicrons can spread faster or cause more severe disease than standard omicrons (BA.1).

BA.1, by far the most common form, is rapidly replacing Delta as the predominant pathogenic variant in the world.

As of November 2021, the invisible Omicron has appeared in about 50 countries around the world, with more than 8,000 infections. Denmark appears to have the highest number of BA.2 infections so far, reporting 6,411 cases to the Global Science Initiative (GISAID) last week.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a recent brief statement: “While BA.1 was previously mainstream (resulting in the highest number of infections), recent trends (infections) suggest that BA.2 is more common in India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom. and Denmark … leading to more and more cases.”

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Scientists are currently studying the transmissibility and other properties of the invisible Omicron, the World Health Organization said.

So far, the invisible Omicron has also appeared in the United States. Researchers at Houston Methodist Hospital in Texas confirmed three cases of stealthy Omicron infection in COVID-19 patients this month.

Meanwhile, the Washington State Department of Health has confirmed two secret cases of Omcron infection, although the agency’s website reports the cases as widespread Omicron variant infections.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said it is monitoring stealth Omicron, noting that this new version of the Omicron variant remains a low-transmission virus.

Meanwhile, the UK Health Safety Authority (UKHSA) has announced that it has classified Stealth Omicron as a variant under investigation.

Dr Meera Chand, UKHSA’s Director of COVID-19 Epidemiology, said: “The nature of viruses is to evolve and mutate, so we will continue to see other variants emerge. As long as the pandemic continues.”

He added that, so far, there is not enough evidence to determine whether invisible microns cause more severe disease than standard microns. According to UKHSA, so far it has not been possible to determine which country the first stealthy Omicron case occurred in.

Meanwhile, in the UK, 426 cases of invisible Omicron infection have been recorded in the country following the detection of the first infection on 6 December 2021. Of these, London has recorded the most cases. , with 146 cases, followed by the Southeast. The UK has 97 cases.

India recorded 530 cases of invisible Omicron infections, Sweden 181 and Singapore 127. The Philippines confirmed on January 25 that BA.2 has emerged and could quickly dominate the Philippines.

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