Data labeling service and common problems

   Data labeling is the process of assigning meaningful fields to different types of digital data such as audio files, text, images, videos and more. It is a process that takes a long time, as it involves human interaction for the most accurate results. Let's learn some common problems about data labeling services.
   The function of class word labeling is to determine the grammatical functions of words in a sentence. This is the basic step before in-depth analysis of grammar or other complex language processing problems. Usually, a word can have many grammatical functions.
   In the sentence "the stone horse kicked the stone horse", the same word "stone" but the first and third words hold the grammatical function as nouns, but the second word is the verb in the sentence.
Labeling from categories is considered as the basis for higher semantic problems.

   Entity name labeling has moderate semantic value, often used for text classification.
For example: grandma [CON NGUOI] sells bread [THUC PHAM] in ward thirteen [DIA DIEM].

   The way of machine translation simply means that the input is a sentence of language A, the output is a sentence of the corresponding language B.
   This problem was very urgent during World War II, when the enemy's intelligence information needed to be translated in the shortest time, so that the leaders could make urgent strategies.

   As the name of this Labeling problem is set, the input will be speech audio, the output will be a text sentence.
Today, according to Apple's statistics, users prefer to use their voice to enter text rather than the traditional keyboard input method, and human-machine interaction in this way has a faster typing speed. whether faster.
   Although there are still certain limitations and difficulties, but with increasingly advanced technology, this Labeling problem is being gradually improved and developed.

   Today, along with the development of digital technology, Data Labeling services become more popular and necessary.
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