Duong Mich is suspected of hiring someone to "plow" the game to get promoted

   In addition to being an actress, Duong Mich is also a good gamer, but she is suspected of hiring people to "plow" to rank up.
In addition to being the face of the mobile game Honor Of Kings, Yang Mi is also one of the best Chinese artists playing this game. According to Today, Duong Mich is a hard fan of the game King of Glory - the original version of Lien Quan Mobile. This is one of the most successful games in terms of revenue on the mobile platform, with hundreds of millions of players playing every day. Recently, the actress also became the captain of a famous team, participating in the Honor Of Kings competition.
   Notably, in a recent contest, Duong Mi was also revealed to be a 69-star High King, which means she was among the top 50,000 (or 0.03%) players, out of 200 million. play Honor Of Kings in China.
   However, this information makes many people suspicious because a busy person like Duong Mich does not have time to "plow" so much. Accordingly, a netizen commented: "I'm unemployed so I play this game from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep, but I'm not High King. Could she have hired a professional gamer to play this game? play on my account?". Another commented: "She probably just bought an account. It can't be rated so high. I don't believe it."
   However, others have also given the reason why Duong Mich is ranked so high. As explained by a fan of this game, it is possible that the actress's teammates are all masters: "Honor Of Kings is a team-based game. Duong Mich can be ranked so high because of her team That includes professional gamers who can help her win every match. Duong Mi can do nothing in the game and still win because her team is so good."
   Recently, Duong Mich is very busy recording reality shows and television. She also attracted attention when during the recording of the show You and I are both regal with a youthful, personality, and a bit dusty style. Currently, the actress is one of the most expensive female stars in the show and has the highest image value in Cbiz.
   It is known that Duong Mich has been in love with the showbiz world since childhood. Later, she became known to many people when participating in the series: Three births, three worlds, Thap Ly peach blossom, Tieu Dai, I am a witness, Tu Xuan Dao 2... The actress should be charming and married with talent. Hong Kong Prince Luu Khai Uy, both have a daughter. But in December 2018, the couple divorced, Luu Khai Uy raised children. The actress was repeatedly accused of being a bad mother when she left her children for her ex-husband to chase after the glory.