E-wallets gradually change the habit of using cash

   What is network wallet?

   An e-wallet is an electronic account. It is like your "wallet" on the Internet and acts as a Cash Wallet in online payment, helping you to pay fees on the internet, send and money quickly, simply. simple and save both time and money.

   Functions of e-wallets:
– Receive and transfer money easily online;
– Used to pay online;
- Store money on the Internet.
   Role of e-wallets:– Make payments quickly;
- Improve online buying and selling activities;
– Reduce management in transactions through bank cards;
– Reduce the circulation of cash, minimize the risks of inflation.
   Some popular types of e-wallets:Domestic: Ngan Luong, BaoKim, Payoo, MObiVí, MoMo, Smartlink…. These types of e-wallets are issued by domestic companies and are widely used in the country.
International e-wallets: PayPal (most popular), AlertPay, WebMoney, Liqpay, Moneybookers….
   The most typical benefits of e-wallets:– Bringing customers convenience and safety;
– Save time working, moving;
– Easily make payments, transfer and receive money;
– Can make account queries, know the fluctuations in your account fastest.
– Making payments with e-wallets is very simple because you only need a mobile phone and an account to be able to make your transactions.
   Disadvantages of e-wallets:– The level of user information security is not really high;
– You may lose your account if you reveal your information.
– A few shares to secure e-wallet accounts for customers:
– Do not share information about your bank account, e-wallet with others;
– You should install anti-virus software on your phone and computer to ensure your account as well as prevent your account from being stolen by bad actors;
– Do not use the same account to pay for many different services.
– Currently, there are many providers that accept payment by e-wallet. To get an e-wallet account, customers just need to go to the service provider's website and then load money into their wallet from their bank account or via prepaid card, ATM card account.