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Eating garlic often “nourishes the liver” or “injures the liver”?

Garlic can help treat colds, flu, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost immune function… but is eating more garlic beneficial?

Eating garlic in moderation is good for health

To a certain extent, fresh garlic can lower blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, prevent blood clotting, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, garlic has strong antioxidant activity and has the effect of preventing atherosclerosis.

For the liver, the selenium element in garlic can promote the repair of damaged liver cells, and at the same time can improve the metabolism of the liver, thereby reducing the burden on the liver. Liver and more.

Eating too much garlic is bad for the liver

Garlic has a stimulating effect, eating too much will irritate the body, and it is not good for the liver, digestive system, stomach, eyes…

Therefore, you should eat garlic in moderation

For healthy people, eating garlic in moderation is fine, but eating too much is bad for the eyes. Chinese medicine says that if you eat too much garlic, you will get sick, hurt your liver and your eyes.

Quantity control

Two or three cloves of garlic a day will do. Eating too much garlic can affect the absorption of vitamin B and cause eye burns. Eating too much allicin will irritate the stomach and cause digestive discomfort. In addition, pay special attention to garlic should not be eaten on an empty stomach.

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