Elden Ring from Elden Ring is modified to Skyrim

   Elden Ring from Elden Ring, an upcoming game that we know very little about, has been modified to Skyrim. The mod creates jewels, based on the literal interpretation of the game title, in a group, forcing players to search for it.

   The treasure, derived from FromSoftware's next RPG game we've never seen an actual game since, is a little gold ring, now hidden deep in the depths of the Dragonsreach. To get it you'll have to dive to get it, similar to Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, except that the prized one is a meme based on an action adventure game starring George RR Martin. which we guarantee still exists.

   What does Elden Ring do? "Well, you just need to find out," read the Nexus's description, from the Sankese creator. Probably nothing, like the void that members of the Elden Ring community look at, as they find more creative ways to pass the time waiting for any news on Hidetaka's latest game. Miyazaki. At the very least, you'll be playing a pre-loaded and playable game, a clear improvement in the status of the Elden Ring.

   Some footage of what is most likely an open-world action game leaked earlier this month, showing a glimmer of hope that will surely fuel expectations for months.
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