Elliptical planet discovered for the first time

Although planets slightly deformed by the gravity of their parent star have been recorded, this is the first time a planet shaped like a perfect football has been recorded.

Thanks to ESA’s CHEOPS space telescope (European Space Agency), a team of scientists led by Dr Jacques Lascar from the Paris Observatory and the University of Science and Letters (France) discovered the asteroid, according to Science Alert. The only benevolent celestial body. . WASP-103b, orbiting the star WASP-103 1,800 light-years away.

WASP-103b is a “hot Jupiter”, a Jupiter-like gas giant planet unmatched by its parent star.

In theory, regions with strong gravity, radiation, and stellar winds close to the star would not be able to clump together, so gaseous planets would not exist. Even so, hot, gravitationally strong Jupiters like Jupiter exist in many star systems, and often engage in fierce battles with their parent stars to “take over” their atmospheres.

WASP-103b is 1.5 times the mass of the solar system Jupiter, twice the size of Jupiter, and can reach up to 20 times the temperature. This enormous size is due to the entire planet being expanded by the star’s heat.

Hot Jupiters tend to get too close to their parent stars as their orbits get closer and closer, and they will be swallowed up by their parent stars in the future. However, observations suggest that WASP-103b is gradually expanding its orbit.

While powerful enough to overcome its parent star’s deadly gravitational pull, the struggle created the planet’s odd shape, which in this scene extends into an oval rather than a traditional sphere. This case is a perfect rugby.

The distortion of the planets is reflected in a set of parameters collectively known as the love number. This romantic-sounding parameter may reflect the properties of a planet, as the way a planet deforms is closely related to the material it uses, providing scientists with “wings” to learn. A “magic portal” to distant worlds that cannot be directly observed.

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