Elon Musk discusses how to immortalize humans

The billionaire believes that humans will be able to load their minds into robots to prolong their lives.

SpaceX’s CEO believes that by loading brains into Tesla’s Optimus robot, humans will be able to live forever.

“I think this approach works very well. We can download our unique features,” the billionaire shared in an interview with Business Insider.

How people preserve their memories
Of course, changing an organism can make a big difference, he said. “But it’s entirely possible as long as we preserve our memories and identities,” Musk asserted.

If the Tesla CEO’s predictions come true, the technology will be a revolution in today’s computer storage space.

Musk believes that we often preserve our memories through photos or videos on our phones and computers. These devices will expand communication and enable people to do amazing things. Elon Musk shared: “We are developing technology to implant brains into computers.

But paradoxically, Musk himself does not want to live forever. “I don’t think we should live that long,” the billionaire told Business Insider.

He thinks it will cause a lot of trouble for society because many people are too conservative and refuse to even change their minds. “Their minds are dead long ago. So if the body doesn’t die, humans are stuck in old ideas and can’t grow,” he said.

Musk’s ex-girlfriend and two children, Grimes, also want to try the technology if brain load becomes a reality in the near future. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, she said that Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon and now the founder of aerospace company Blue Origin, has the potential to become a “cymek” (a robot). ). used to be cymek). everyone).

Jeff Bezos has a different take on immortality
However, Bezos, 58, has no interest in the field. He is only interested in research that can help extend lifespan and improve the overall aging process.

According to CNBC, the idea of ​​extending life by injecting human consciousness into mechanical entities has been around in science fiction for a long time. The novel “Dune” used to refer to the word “cymek” when humans were transformed into mechanized creatures. Many researchers also believe that “mind-loading” technology may become a reality in the future.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Michael S.A. Graziano, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Princeton University, once wrote an article on the “brain load” process, which requires two main parts. One is the artificial brain, which is understood as a snapshot of the human brain. This scan accurately counted the connections between neurons, which were then replicated in the artificial brain.

For this, we need a scanner that won’t harm objects and can scan hundreds of millions of times to give the most detailed results.

“The technology doesn’t exist yet. It will be in the next few decades at the earliest, but if the process takes centuries, that’s normal,” he said.

On the other hand, Neuralink, one of Elon Musk’s startups, is also developing a “brain-computer interface” (BMI). According to the billionaire, the technology will allow people to store memories in copies, which can then be restored. However, Elon Musk stressed in an interview with Business Insider that Neuralink’s current goals are much more realistic.

Simply put, Neuralink is designed to treat damage to the brain, spinal nerves, and more. So over the next few years, the company’s products will help people with paralysis or brain damage.

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