Everything you need to know about light machine guns in free fire

Light machine guns in free fires are rare and often ignored. Here’s everything you need to know about this class of weapons.

Not all weapons are created equal – some are much better than the rest … and in a video game-like Free Fire, this saying cannot be dismissed. The least used weapon in Free Fire in addition to the pistol is probably the LMGs: M249 and M60.

In this article, we’ll list everything you need to know about these two weapons. Gatling can also be considered an LMG.

1 – Introduction to Light Machine Guns or LMG
Although known as light machine guns, they are actually super heavy, both in real life and in the game. Gatling is the heaviest weapon in the game – it reduces your movement speed by about 30% compared to the original.

Although video games often feature characters equipped with these guns and moving around, it is actually super realistic, as both weapons and ammo are too heavy to carry. Typically, the M249, M60 and Gatling are all mounted on the vehicle.

2 – M60
The M60 is the basic LMG in Free Fire – it has the indicators of a Basic Assault Rifle, with the only difference being its high weight and magazine size. Overall, it is a good weapon and definitely worth using if you manage to get the bipod going along.

3 – M249
The airdrop-only M249 is an upgraded version of the M60 – all its stats are the same, except for the size and scope of the Journal. The M249 has 100 huge rounds in its magazine and a range of 77 – the equivalent of a sniper rifle. Overall, this is an overly powerful weapon in the right hand – there’s a reason that you can only get the M249 through airdrop.

4 – Gatling
Gatling is just a special weapon that can be purchased in various arcade modes such as Spray and Pray. Gatling has the highest magazine size in the game, which is 1200 – you can shoot the whole battle without running out.