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Explaining the origin and power of Miss Marvel, the teenage superhero is about to join the MCU

In the original, Ms. Marvel’s origins and powers were closely tied to the Inhumans, but in the MCU’s TV version, that could change. Explaining the origin and power of Miss Marvel, the teenage superhero is about to join the MCU.

Recently, Marvel Studios released the first trailer for Ms. Marvel, officially bringing teenage superhero Kamala Khan into the MCU. Compared to the “predecessors” that appeared in previous projects, Kamala is a relatively new character type in the Marvel Comics universe, debuting in 2013. However, the female superhero quickly gained a wide readership. And has become one of Marvel’s most popular characters of the past decade.

Pakistani-Canadian actress Iman Vellani will play Miss Marvel in the upcoming series. However, the TV version of Kamala has changed a lot from the original, especially in her origins and superpowers.

The origin and strength of Miss Marvel in the comics

In the original book, Ms. Marvel’s origins were tied to a group of cosmic entities known as the Inhumans – genetically modified human species created by alien experiments thousands of years ago. Most of the Inhumans have abandoned humans and live in the isolated city of Attilan.

During adolescence, all Inhumans are exposed to a mutagen called Terrigen Mist to stimulate the development of their inner superpowers. During the Infinite Event of 2013, the city of Attilan, now hovering above Earth, was suddenly attacked and destroyed, causing a massive Terrigan Mist to spill into the blue planet’s atmosphere.

After the Infinity event ended, the superheroes discovered that not all Inhumans had left the human race. Some decide to stay, marry humans and carry their mutated genes for generations. That’s why the Inhumans unleashed their superpowers when the Terrigan Mist descended on Earth, and that’s why Kamala, an ordinary teenage girl living in New Jersey, suddenly turned into a superhero. Marvel heroes like this.

Kamala’s powers have also changed a lot over time and throughout the series. Basically, she possesses the ability to control the molecules of her body, allowing herself to stretch and deform parts, shrink and enlarge at will. Plus, Kamala can change form—she used to be a power like her idol Captain Marvel.

Ms. Marvel’s origins in the MCU

The latest Ms. Marvel trailer shows that Marvel has revolutionized its teenage superhero scene. Kamala is still a high school student living in New Jersey, but appears to have acquired superpowers through a mysterious bracelet, most likely the special technology of an alien race. However, the cosmic energy emitted by this bracelet is very similar to the Terrigan fog map in the original work.

At present, it is difficult to determine the origin and nature of this ring. However, due to Ms. Marvel’s close relationship with Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe, it cannot be ruled out that it was the invention of the Kriniga Band – the first item Captain Marvel used in the comics.

The Power of Ms. Marvel in the MCU

Because it is slightly different from the original, Kamala’s superpowers in the TV version also have subtle changes. The mysterious ring allows her to manipulate energy on a quantum level and manipulate it through a special force field. In the trailer, Kamala can be seen knowing how to use her powers to build various works of light or unleash energy to attack opponents.

The funniest is when Kamala “spreads” her arms, forming a giant fist and delivering a powerful punch. This is arguably Ms. Marvel’s most distinctive ability in the original. In addition, it seems that after the transformation, her injury resistance and physical strength have been significantly improved. Of course, the Mystery Bracelet might also help Kamala gain many other abilities not shown in the trailer.

Why did Marvel decide to change Ms. Marvel’s origins?

The change in Kamala Khan’s background and powers in the TV version is sure to cause a lot of controversy, as it shows that Marvel Studios is still quite hesitant to develop a related story. for aliens. President Kevin Feige himself has never shown interest in character classes.

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