Facebook hacking is back, please refer to the following 5 ways to protect your account

   Recently, there have been many incidents of celebrities being exposed to sensitive images on personal devices such as smartphones. But not only for delicious prey like celebrities, you can also be noticed by hackers. Protecting your personal Facebook account is very important. Below I would like to guide you on ways to protect your Facebook account, avoid losing your account and password.
1. First, don't set a password that's too short and too easy to guess

   Passwords like: 123456, qwerty, password…. then the password cracker will try those passwords first. Even the phone number, date of birth... if the hacker has a good computer, he can figure it all out. Therefore, when setting up a password, you should set a password that includes lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. You should also not let accounts have duplicate passwords.
2. Check for unusual logins

   You should first open the Login Alerts function. This will allow users to receive notifications from Facebook when someone is logged in.
   Go to Settings > Security and Login > Get Alerts for Unrecognized Logins. From now on Facebook will notify you of unknown devices logging in and block it to help you change your password in time. You can also check your login history in this section. If there is any sign of login, you should change your password immediately.
3. Use 2-factor authentication

   If the password is leaked, this will be a safe step using OTP code authentication. Every time you log in, Facebook will ask you to enter an OTP code sent to the phone number you choose. Go to Settings > Security and Login > Two-Factor Authentication > Set up a phone number of your choice. Or you can specify which devices can be logged in also in this section.
4. Do not log in, do not click on strange links that are shared

   A common way that hackers do is to entice you to click on links that require you to log in with your Facebook account. If you log in, it means that you have given your account to the hacker, or it may save the information you enter with the keyboard.
5. Trusted friends

   A function that allows you to log back in if your account is hijacked. When your account is locked, these people can send a URL code from Facebook to help you log in. Go to Settings > Security and login > Enhanced security > Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if your account is locked.