FL-Esports FL680SAM: Unique, beautiful and high-quality game mechanical buttons designed for gamers

At present, its products have been well received in other markets such as China and South Korea. , United Kingdom, United States… Many Vietnamese gamers also use many FL-Esports products through their laptops.

Recently, FL-Esports launched the FL680SAM mechanical keyboard, which adopts the mini (65%) form and has an eye-catching design. The product can be connected to 3 modes, including: 2.4Ghz wireless (with USB receiver) and Bluetooth, and wired connection mode (with battery charging function). This is why FL680 is so convenient and fully compatible with any device (from desktop to laptop, mobile phone or tablet). FL680SAM is very suitable for people who often move and use a lot of equipment.

FL-Esports FL680SAM

FL-Esports FL680SAM Small and beautiful, 4 colors are available

From left to right are peach blossom, water green, night black, banana

It can be said that FL-Esports is a very special mechanical keyboard company. All products are pre-aligned from the time of production, so the key can reach the customer perfectly. Perfect, users only need to buy and use immediately, without any adjustment or customization, and it feels great to type the buttons immediately—any other module.

Practical experience tells us that the typing feel of FL680SAM is really good, thanks to the high-end Gateron Cap switch (all switch versions are suitable for typing).

Each keycap is beautifully arranged and smooth

The coating quality of FL-Esports FL680SAM has to be said to be very good

All 4 versions of FL680SAM use high-end Gateron Cap switches to provide an excellent typing feel

The mounting plate Stab type (firmly fixed to the plate), especially the pre-lubrication and calibration provided by the manufacturer, provides a truly excellent typing feel. The thorns are heavy and there is no extra noise. It can be said that there is no stock mechanical key (non-customized mechanical key) comparable to FL-Esports in terms of puncture resistance.

The thorns are well balanced

Users can freely choose the switch they want, and simply pull the switch (provided in the key box) to remove the old switch and install the new switch easily.

The new generation of mechanical button models with LEDs are usually pre-installed on the circuit and does not rely on switches and FL680SAM. The keyboard uses a customizable overhead 16.8 million color RGB LED system. Therefore, users can freely replace the switch without worrying about changing the LED color of the button (if you want the best LED, you should choose a switch with a transparent surface coating).

FL680SAM adopts FSA Profile (high keycap) PBT DoubleShot material keycap set (2 layers), with extremely high finish, beautiful fonts, slightly rough surface, and excellent typing feel. In fact, this is one of the best stock keycap sets available today (given 1 mechanical key).

PBT DoubleShot keycap material (2 layers), the keycap finish is very high

This mechanical gaming keyboard is also appreciated for the robustness of its keys and the thickness of small details such as extra feet. In addition, the keys are lined with PCB foam (the sound-absorbing foam layer between the board and the circuit), so the sound of FL680SAM is much deeper and quieter than other classic mechanical keyboards.

Finally, a very valuable feature for MAC people is that FL680SAM fully supports the function of MACOS (the function on the Mac F key sequence). Only one switch is needed to switch between WIN-MAC, which is very convenient. There are not many mechanical buttons on the market that fully support this MAC function. Especially the strong wireless connection.

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