Folding iPhone - Folding smartphone trend is very popular?

   Called iPhone Flip, this smartphone was born based on the core of a regular iPhone that can be folded in the middle like the Galaxy Z Flip. It's thinner than usual, uses a lot of metal, and keeps the camera square.
   The placement of the Apple logo looks a bit odd near the hinge. The track is smaller than the current track or narrower. The product is said to come with an in-display Touch ID sensor.
   The phone also supports wireless charging, with the demo showing that the iPhone Flip is quite far away from the plug but can receive power wirelessly. This is something companies like OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Huawei have been working on. It's not yet clear what the dual-screen app scenario will look like, such as a video call app used to chat at the bottom of the screen and see who's calling at the top.
   The iPhone Flip shown in the video comes in Red, Yellow, Beige and more. The product is integrated with Apple M1 processor inside and the Lightning port still exists despite supporting wireless charging.