G.skill launches extremely low latency memory, ideal for AMD Ryzen gaming PC

Certainly offers the high performance and large capacity that high-end gaming computers covet.

G.Skill has announced two brand new toolsets of DDR4-3600 memory with extremely low latency — a 32 GB set that works well for gaming, and a 64 GB set for memory-heavy apps, such as content creation.

The new low-latency memory kit will be rated as CL14-15-15-35, in line with the Team Extreme ARGB C14 kit that currently has the best RAM for our gaming guide. G.Skill will offer extremely low latency kits in the Trident X Neo, Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB, and Ripjaws V series — a variety of options from bling to bare.

In line with the criteria for AMD Ryzen Zen 2 perfectly, the new kit from G.Skill will be a suitable item for AMD Ryzen builds. As you can see in Chris Szewczyk’s performance test on multiple RAM speeds, the powerful combination of both frequency and low latency delivers consistent high performance in a variety of games.

The new AMD Ryzen 5000 processor is said to run best at 4,000MHz (efficiently) but there is not much likelihood between that and the toolset with a low latency of 3,600MHz. Similarly, Intel’s systems do not care much about the speed and latency of memory, but even so, sets with low latency are often better than those with frequencies higher than 1GHz+.

The 16GB set is currently the top choice for gaming PCs, but if you want to keep your PC a bit of a game lead, then this is the right time to choose a 32GB kit as they usually only had 16GB of kits just a year ago. Higher capacity will ensure you are more equipped for future games and memory sockets and are really pleased to fill all four of the motherboard’s memory slots.