G.Skill launches $20 keycaps to allow your RGB keyboard to shine even further

These two-layer keycaps have a see-through bottom so that more light overflows.

With all due respect to Coolio and his love for West Coast parties, no party is the same as the RGB party because… I’m not sure why it’s become such a popular PC gaming hardware. But it does, and the new Crystal Crown keycaps of G.Skill are ready to break the team.

Keycaps have a two-layer design with a black or white overlay in the upper half with a bold sans serif font and a transparent bottom half to “enhance the brightness” of RGB backlighting and regular LED backlighting on the mechanical keyboard.

G.Skill said: “Compatible with mechanical keys with an MX-style cross-shaped design and carefully designed for high readily readable fonts, the Crystal Crown keycap upgrades the experience and feel of a professional mechanical keyboard.

Many mechanical keyboards use cross-shaped bodies, such as Cherry MX and various alternative brands. For example, my daily percussion is the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate (2014) which uses Razer’s own Green switches, which also stick to the cross-shaped body graph.

The bigger question I have is what kind of plastic G.Skill is using and at first I thought it might be PBT fired twice, as they seem a bit similar to HyperX’s Pudding keycaps, as found on its Alloy Elite 2 keyboard (and offered as a standalone upgrade set). But after contacting G.Skill, I was told “the top side is ABS, while the transparent layer is PC [polycarbonate].” Apparently polycarbonate is the right resin for transparent keycaps, or Google told me.

In any case, G.Skill’s Crystal Crown keycaps are relatively affordable compared to their prices — Amazon has both black and white versions listed for $20, about $5 less than the standalone Pudding keycaps.

We had a set paired with a KM360 board with white LED lighting, affordable and inseparable G.Skill, and now we have to wear sunglasses while typing.