Game village focus: Professionals are extremely excited about 3D Mortal Tu Tien – Funtap Update 07/2021

   Although the first information about 3D Mortal Tu Tien - Funtap has been posted on news sites and social networks since last June, it was not until recently that NPH Funtap officially confirmed that this game will be released. Officially launched at the end of this July.
   The "re-emergence" of 3D Pham Nhan Tu Tien - Funtap is having a lot of positive signals, it is forecasted that this will be one of the most explosive names of the Vietnamese game village in 2021. Not only receiving support. Strong from the large gaming community, Pham Nhan Tu Tien 3D - Funtap has recently received special attention from many reputable game news sites in the country.
   Specifically, after opening the pre-registration landing page on July 2, up to now, Pham Nhan Tu Tien 3D - Funtap has surpassed 40,000 pre-registrants. Among these 40,000, there are many Editors from reputable game news sites such as Game4V, 2game, xogame, motgame, .. have also expressed their excitement, looking forward to experiencing 3D Mortal Tu Tien 3D soon. - Funtap.
   This is good news for 3D Mortal Tu Tien - Funtap and even dedicated gamers who are waiting for this game. The reason for saying that is because the Editors are all knowledgeable and have a fairly high gaming "standard". Impressing people with such extensive knowledge of the game is not easy – but Mortal Tu Tien 3D – Funtap has done it.
   Built according to 100% standard of the original story of the same name by the author Vong Ngu, Pham Nhan Tu Tien 3D - Funtap belongs to the MMORPG role-playing genre which is already extremely familiar to Vietnamese gamers. This is also the way to play to help gamers experience the most authentic way: If you want to ascend to the fairy world and attain enlightenment, you have to go through thousands of hardships, but it's not as easy as people think!
   A series of attractive gifts are waiting for you ahead when the number of pre-registered players at the landing page surpasses the milestones of 50,000, 80,000 and 100,000. Hurry up and pre-register today at the landing of Pham Nhan Tu Tien 3D -    Funtap to be able to experience this game as soon as it is officially launched at the end of July 2021!