Genshin Impact – a boring loop for Vietnamese gamers who specialize in "plowing"?

   For gamers who specialize in "plowing and hoe", Genshin Impact is definitely a game that is easy to fall into a boring scene.Undeniably, Genshin Impact has been and still is one of the games with high coverage in the Vietnamese market and has a large number of players. However, for the "plow hoes" feature - which has become a trademark of Vietnamese gamers, Genshin Impact has become one of the extremely "boring" games when it always falls into a difficult cycle. describe. This opinion is also quickly becoming the subject of numerous mixed opinions.
   First of all, it must be admitted that Genshin Impact is a game that can completely "plow" when this game has no shortage of activities and can completely consume gamers' day. Of course, the extras that can drop resources are always limited, but players can still search for materials, fight monsters as well as challenge themselves through the Roaring Insight system - the only thing in Genshin. Impact most clearly demonstrates the power of the player in the context where the PvP system does not exist.
For a "plowman", the two things that need to be most concerned about in every game are always resources and ways to improve the character's strength. And now, let's try to find out the "boring" loop that gamers love to plow in Vietnam comment on Genshin Impact. Start with opening the map, participating in the extras, finding resources through La Hoan as well as optimizing the amount of plastic in the day and weekly events of Genshin Impact. Optimizing the squad by gachaing generals, weapons and upgrading, plowing TDV for generals to have enough two squads to conquer La Hoan

   But afterthat? When you have everything, successfully conquering La Hoan 12 floors with maximum 36 stars, Genshin Impact doesn't seem to make much sense. Everything will repeat, as these gamers wait for Genshin to have more new updates, launch new champions, new weapons, new maps and resume their collection.
   But one day, this loop will no longer be interesting and gradually become boring, especially in the time waiting for Genshin to release the next update. Remember, for farmers, discovering a new map, doing quests, picking up chests is often optimized very quickly through tutorials on YouTube and Google too. And usually it only takes them a few days to fully experience an update that has to wait a few months for Genshin.
   Once again, this is the confession of the "plowmen" who play the game, not those who like to read the plot, prefer to explore a large open world that Genshin Impact brings - which is probably also is the principle that Mihoyo wants in his gamers. That said, Genshin Impact doesn't seem to be suitable for Vietnamese farmers, and if you still have the mindset of "plowing and hoe", want to find a game that can be played continuously for many days with high frequency without getting bored, Genshin Impact Probably not the right choice.